Motel DOES Rock

So last Friday, I ventured into central London and hit the Motel Rocks Spring sample sale. I was so so excited and evidently quite a keen bean because apparently I was one of the first to walk through the door and was given a Motel goodie bag, including some perfume and other goodies, and best of all - a '£20 off any £40 purchase' voucher. Oh my days... I definitely tried to play it cool when I was given it for fear of having it snatched off me if I became too weird, but inside me, my victory dance was haaaappening! 

So here's what I got! 

Aaaaahhhhhhh! I'm so pleased with my purchases and can't wait to wear it all! Motel has some amazing new stuff on their website for the upcoming Spring months, so check it out HERE!

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