Hey guys! Just a quick outfit post; mainly to complain about the weather we've been having in London recently! It's now almost always overcast, rainy, and quite chilly - basically, it's unacceptable weather for August :( The only upside is that I really enjoy dressing for slightly cooler Autumn weather - it allows so many opportunities for layering & cool blazers or chunky knits! This kimono is perfect for this kind of weather, and looks awesome thrown over a simple, monochrome outfit! 

I'm also becoming more accustomed to wearing my white skinnies! They go with pretty much everything, but yet make for a more interesting look than the standard black skinny jeans I used to live in! Next, I'd like to get myself a slightly more dishevelled and ripped up pair! 

I got myself this new fringed leather bag while perusing the streets of London the other day with my friend. To be fair, it was less a matter of indulgence and more that I was actually in need of a cute bag in a colour other than black! I thought this was one was perfect to pair with loads of different outfits, as well as it being a great size, and also, I really can't pass up a bit of fringe! 

Top / Topshop
Kimono / River Island
Jeans / H&M
Sandals / Zara
Bag H&M

Clearly, Autumn is on its way! But I'm kinda excited about it! :D 

What's your favourite season to dress up for? 

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ASOS Wishlist

ASOS Wishlist

Here are a few things that have been sitting in my ASOS 'Saved Items' for yonks! I have no funds right now, but I'm kinda hoping that leaving them in there will make them drop in price, which will also make the prospect of my size remaining available an unlikely event! There's nothing wrong with wishful thinking, though, right?

The grey cocoon coat is so dreamyyyyy! It fits so nicely (on the model, at least) and it looks like it would be a super versatile item that I could wear with pretty much anything! I think that's probably at the very top of my wishlist! 

After purchasing my Levi's mom jeans that I've featured in a couple of posts, I really want them in all colours and styles now! These black ones look really comfortable but also quite feminine! 

The blazer - another versatile item - is super gorge and chic - quite a departure from my usual style, which is kinda why I want it.

As for the shoes, I really have no excuse for those, especially since I JUST got a pair of strappy lace-up heels for my birthday! But what can I say? I'm a shoe-holic! 

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I got my hands on one of my long-lusting body chains some time ago, and I had never really found an opportunity to incorporate it into an outfit until now! I think it looks so cute and subtle worn underneath a crop top or bralet, paired with these high-waisted shorts, and the kimono only adds to the general understated vibe of the look.

This bralet is faux leather and, again, another incredible bargain from SheInside! It fits really well and it's actually incredibly comfortable and supportive!

This has to be one of my favourite nail polishes ever! It's by O.P.I. and is called 'PEACE & LOVE & OPI'. It's sort of like a gel consistency, so it's incredibly easy to apply, and also gives off a multi-toned effect - sometimes it's purple and sometimes it's green, which I love! 

Bralet / SheInside 
Shorts / Topshop
Kimono / River Island 
Sandals / Zara
Body chain / eBay 
Bag / Peacocks
Nails / O.P.I. 

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Recently, I came across the online store ARK, and fell in love! They stock cool brands like Motel but also have their own labels, Hearts & Bows, and CLOAK. They have a pretty amazing sale going on right now and I picked up this bright summery shift dress for a mere £9.99. I thought it was such a simple piece and so easy to style, but also so unique and eye-catching, and way different to my usually black/grey/darker choices!

It was my good friend's birthday last week, so I thought it was the perfect occasion to wear it, and an excuse to wear my heels again! 

I'm so sad because I bought these heels only a month ago for £70, and they've now been reduced to £30. WEEP WEEP! Ahh well, they were worth it at full price anyway! 

Hope you guys liked this look! 
Check out the ARK sale here! 

Dress / ARK
Necklace / Regal Rose
Heels / Aldo
Clutch / *gifted*

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Cream Crochet

I absolutely love crochet everything, but because of it's delicate &; intricate nature, it's always so so expensive! So when I found this gorgeous cream crochet crop from SheInside for under £6, I didn't hesitate for a second! I teamed it up with my beaded sandals and my cute salmon-coloured high-waisted shorts - which, incidentally, didn't fit me at all in my slightly heavier days a couple of years ago. I was so happy to finally be able to wear them! 

Top | HERE
Shorts | Topshop
Sandals | Zara
Bag | Peacocks
Sunglasses | Aldo
Necklace | Accessorize

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