Minimale Animale

After accidently stumbling upon Minimale Animale's website, I quickly realised that their collections were very similar to this one bikini I had found by chance (and adored) whilst browsing the net a couple of years back! 

And so a fair bit of research commenced, and I discovered that although it's out of stock pretty much everywhere, it WAS indeed by Minimale Animale, and called 'The Cheryl Tiegs' (in Black Sand)


Gutted that it's no where to be found, but hoping that by a stroke of fate, it'll be available somewhere in time for summer! I need this in my life! 

In any case, go check out their website! They have some amazing bikinis on sale! 


Orange is the new Black

Spring is slowly creeping up on us, and apparently orange is the new black for the upcoming season! 

Black is an endlessly recurring colour in my wardrobe, but what could be more appropriate than a burst of colour to make an outfit really stand out from the crowd this Spring! I can't wait to switch it up and explore a colour I very rarely wear. 

Check out my most recent Polyvore look below! 

Orange is the new Black

Also note the amazing fringed fur waistcoat - yep, we're about to see all things fringed take over the high street next season! 

And best of all, I'll still be able to incorporate my favourite colour for a super chic look

Bring on Spring!

Body Chains

I know I'm incredibly late to jump on the bandwagon, but after seeing them absolutely everywhere last season, I've fallen in love with these body chains! (pictured below) 

[Check out my Polyvore]

I used to dislike them way back when, after many girls began wearing them in my hometown many years back, but unsurprisingly, I've recently had a change of heart - no doubt as a result of my forever-evolving taste and style!

 These simple body chains are so subtle and often hardly visible, but the pop of bling  can spice up any outfit, and look so cute under a crop top! 

XOXO by juliacoejj featuring a long necklace

Check out these famous faces, who also took a liking to these timeless pieces!

Candice Swanepoel


Miley Cyrus

I may have totally missed the hype while they were in, but I don't even care! I'll be sporting one of these babies this summer! 


Mascara: a little discovery

As someone who didn't really use mascara until fairly recently, I now dote upon it as if it were my own child. The difference a bit of mascara can make to an un-madeup face is extraordinary, and after having tested various kinds, I kept going back to my favourite Yves Saint Laurent: Faux Cils - Volume Effect Mascara time and time again.

Amidst my packing frenzy over the last couple of days before flying over to the UK, a feeling of both dread and annoyance crept up inside me when I realised that I had run out of my beloved mascara! Panicked, I rummaged through my old makeup bag in the hope of finding an abandoned little bottle of anything remotely mascara-like! To my very pleasant surprise, I discovered this little beauty lying there in all its tiny travel-size glory.

Estee Lauder Sumptous Extreme Volume Mascara


I have the tiniest and shortest eyelashes in the world, so when it comes to applying mascara, I never expect too much of a transformation in the eyelash department. But this little bottle did wonders, lengthening and volumising each lash, as well as separating them with absolutely no clumps. Best of all, my eyelashes were left feeling soft and natural, as opposed to the usual stiffness I experience with all other mascaras.

This was the result!



 ...and after

If I could note one downside, it's that it's not particularly water-proof and can sting slightly if you accidentally rub it off in a stream of wind-induced tears. But aside from that, it's magic! 

My next mission is to find the water-proof version and pray that it's just as good! 


Pastel Perfect

I am so so delighted that pastels are soon to be a must-have in our spring wardrobes! As someone who wears a lot of black and grey, and not the hugest fan of the neon trend that hit the high street in spring 2013, I can't wait to ditch the monochrome, and liven it up with my favourite muted and subtle shades of green, cream and pink!

Take a look at one of my looks on Polyvore, inspired by my excitement and anticipation of the upcoming Spring trend. 

Spring is fast approaching...

56th Grammy Awards

The Grammys Award show is usually an opportunity for artists and celebrities to let their hair down slightly and embrace their inner rock and roll, manifested in their outfit choices. But to be honest, I wasn't overly impressed with the majority of this year's red carpet looks.

Bright and vibrant colours like red and electric blue proved to be a popular choice this year, although in my opinion, less was definitely more; the more subdued metallics and whites taking the cake. Taylor Swift looked amazing sporting a beautiful metallic Gucci gown and Lorraine Schwartz jewellery.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé looked as bangin' a couple as ever, with Mrs Carter showing off her beautiful figure sporting a white lace Michael Costello Couture dress. Iggy Azalea also dressed to impress, surprising me and ditching her usually  risqué ensembles in favour of a subtle and delicate Elie Saab gown.


I must say that the males on the carpet really pulled it out of the bag, looking super dapper in their suede, patterned, and swish suits and tux's. Frankly, they outshined most of the women this year.

Having said that, although it seems that Madonna's tuxedo choice has received some very positive feedback, generally speaking, it certainly was not my favourite!

So yeah! Without a doubt, Taylor, Beyoncé and Iggy took it home on the front of best dressed as far as I'm concerned, as well as all the dudes who stepped it up this year! Many of the others I found to be quite non-descript and unremarkable!

But hey, maybe I'm too picky! 
In any case, I'm genuinely looking forward to next year's Grammy Awards to see where fashion has taken us in the space of 12 months!