Jumper: H&M | Jeans: M&S | Bag: Pimkie | Shoes: ASOS | Coat: Primark 

I've been forever hunting for some snazzy day time shoes, which are also appropriate for a smart/casual night time outfit, and I think I finally found them with these ASOS 'Miami Flats'. Not only are they really easy to style, but the eyelet detailing make them slightly different while still being super adaptable! 

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Jumper: Primark (mens) | Jeans: Levis via Motel Vintage | Hat: H&M | Coat: Primark | Shoes: Adidas 

Honestly, 50% of the time, I have no energy to really put much thought into my outfits, so this is pretty much my go to look these days. I dunno if anyone agrees with me, but I'm not one of those people who believes in "suffering for fashion". I hate being cold; it really ruins my day. So these days, when I roll out of bed and just can't be bothered, I make a beeline for my grey woolly hat, any old knit, my Primark coat, some jeans, and my Adidas superstars, which have been so worn in over the years, they're pretty much the comfiest things I own. I  do have new pairs of shoes and clothes, which I probably should be making use of, especially with the incentive of creating new content for my blog. But sometimes a gal just wants to stick to what she knows best, you feel me?

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Jumper: Criminal Damage via Tk Maxx | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Nike 

Is marble print soooo last year? I probably didn't get the memo, but oh well, I just couldn't resist anyway! I've seen this Criminal Damage brand floating around for the past couple of years, but none of their pieces had ever called to me like this one did, especially at just £19.99 - gotta love a good TK Maxx bargain! I decided to switch it up a little bit and dug out some old Zara jeans for a nice contrast, finishing it all off with my grey Roshe Runs to balance out the colour palette! 

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Jumper: Primark | Jeans: Topshop | Coat: Primark | Shoes: Reebok via Size? 

I actually saw this jumper featured in an editorial spread in some magazine a couple of months back, and expected it, as usual, to be some designer piece way out of my budget. So I was really pleasantly surprised to see it was from Primark, and priced at only £18! I kept it pretty minimal for a chilly walk along the river, pairing it with my ripped jeans, super longline coat (also from Primark), and my little pink Reebok clouds - seriously, so comfortable, 

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Jumper & Gilet: Pimkie | Jeans: Levis via Motel Vintage | Shoes: Reebok via Size? 
I'm aware that I've featured all of these items in my blog very recently, but let's face it: this gal repeats outfits constantly! If I love something, I tend to just live in it - no shame! The main purpose of this post is to show how I cut the bottom cuffs of my jeans off; literally the best thing I've ever done! I did like my Levis before, but I always thought the cuffs looked a bit too neat and even awkward at times. So I went a bit scissor crazy and chopped them off, and then started tugging on the ends like a madwoman until I was happy with the fraying. I love the length of them now, and the uneven fraying is a subtle way to take any outfit to the next level and help it all look effortless yet stylish. 

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Sweatshirt: Adidas | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Puma via Offspring (Selfridges) 

Here's another cheeky purchase I made in Madrid upon my return to London from my holiday last month. I casually strolled into the Adidas store looking for some all white Stan Smiths (no colour anywhere, not even the back). So after months of searching, I realised that I'd actually been wasting my time, because there are no such things as all white Stan Smiths unless we're talking about the perforated/mesh/skater-look version. I know I'm picky, right? But anyway, not all was lost, because I swiftly moved along to the clothing section, spotted this beauty, and quickly forgot about my trainers. The colours, as described on the Adidas website, are St Fade Ocean & Ash Purple - don't you just love that? Anyway, whatever colours they may be, all I know is that they're probably my two absolute favourites ever! It really is like Adidas made a jumper for me, so when I saw it, I was like, "that shall be mine, thanks". Here, I teamed it up with my ever trusty ripped skinnies and my new RiRi creepers for the ultimate comfort-fest!

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Bomber jacket: Dahlia | Jeans: Levis via Motel Rocks | Belt: Topshop | Shoes: Reebok via Size? 

I'd been eyeing up these pastel pink Reebok trainers for a good while (insert heart eyes emoji) but at £72, I wasn't quite sure if I could part with my dwindling funds to buy them. I am sooo happy I did though, because, not only do I own nothing like them (mainly due to the colour and style) but they are also literally the comfiest things ever - it's honestly like walking on clouds. Ironically, I used to detest this style of Reebok back in the day, when my mum used to own a pair when they were big in the 90s. I guess I've come full circle now, because I absolutely love them - and I honestly wish I could have the pastel blue pair too! 

I've featured this Dahlia silk bomber on my blog before, but I thought I would style it a little differently this time, and pair it with a slightly more masculine vibe (even though the trainers are pink), and topped it all off with my trusty mom jeans! Such a comfy outfit, and I'm so pleased that I'm exploring colours outside of my usual monochrome palette! 

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Jumper & Gilet: Pimkie | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: ASOS 

I was recently in Madrid, where I picked up this faux fur gilet and maroon knit from Pimkie; a brand that is fairly unknown in the UK. It's actually a French brand, and shops are found pretty much all over Europe! I used to shop there quite a lot when I was younger, and I re-discovered why that was as soon as I walked into the Madrid store. It's such a cool and casual label, offering fantastic value for money pieces - it kinda reminds me a bit of New Look. 

I've been after a fur gilet for a while and really liked this creamy/brown-coloured one. Even though my usual colour palette consists of grey tones, I was really keen to purchase something that would push me to experiment with other colours outside of my comfort zone. I was also after a maroon jumper, and when I saw this one, with the tassel detailing, I thought it was just that little bit more unique than the bog standard knit jumper I see everywhere. I dug out my old ASOS studded monk shoes to finish off the whole look, teaming it all up with my ripped jeans of course! (I'm really gonna have to get myself some new jeans soon)

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Jumper: Vintage | Jeans: Levis via Motel Rocks Vintage | Bag: TK Maxx | Shoes: Puma x Rihanna 
When I received an e-mail from Footlocker upon the release of these Puma x Rihanna Creepers, it was an instant case of I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE! The second I got the chance, I hurriedly made my way to Selfridges in the hope of finding them there! They sold out pretty much instantly online as soon as they went on sale, so I was chuffed to find them in the Offspring store section. I was always a fan of the Underground Creepers, but I never actually went on to buy them because I wasn't sure if they were slightly out of my comfort zone or if they'd even suit me. I was soooo happy when I saw these because they're the perfect mix between a good old Creeper - with their chunky soles - and a casual Vans-esque trainer. They are so so comfortable too, and not to mention versatile and wearable! Ahh, in love! 

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