Dinosaur & Palm Trees

I'm not the biggest fan of pairing shorts and heels together, so that's why I love skorts so much! They're so easy to dress down for a beachy look but they can also be dressed up and worn with heels for a fancier occasion. In fact, I wore this tropical print pair on my birthday night out with a dainty black vest and lace-up heels. Stupidly, I forgot to take photos of that outfit to blog, but I think I'll recreate it soon, because it's been one of my favourite looks to date.

For this casual look, I teamed my skort with my strappy sandals (surprise surprise) and then I thought it would be interesting to wear a t-shirt that wasn't necessarily the most obvious choice to make. I felt that the lime colour of the dinosour would contrast the dark orange and green of the skort nicely, and also, if you look carefully, the outline of the palm trees is also a light lime colour! 

T-shirt | Bought years ago
Skort | Topshop
Sandals | Schuh
Bag | Topshop
Necklaces | Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses | Aldo

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Here's a simple beach outfit I wore the other day; these vintage Levi's shorts are super comfortable and can be worn in so many different styles! Another wardrobe discovery this week was my canvas aztec drawstring bag, which is pretty spacious and probably more appropriate for the beach than the leather satchel I featured in my last post.

One of my good friends bought me this amazing goldy & purple glitter nail polish for my birthday! It applies so well, as opposed to one of the American Apparel ones I have, and I used a nude/pink base for a pretty contrast.

T-shirt | Urban Outfitters
Shorts | Levi's
Belt | Topshop
Sandals | Schuh
Bag | Primark
Necklaces | Urban Outfitters

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I'm back home in Gibraltar for a couple of weeks, taking a well earned break from my course to visit my friends and family! It's soooo good to finally be back in the sun, indulging in great food and lengthy daily beach sessions! On a blogging-related positive, I now have more people around me who can help take my photos, so I figured I'd try and post my daily outfits consistently during these 2 weeks. 

I love going back home after a good while and finding things I had forgotten I even had! I found this gorge leather tasseled satchel lying in my wardrobe; a perfect piece to add an edge to any outfit - and perfect for the beach too!

These types of sunnies don't usually suit my small face, but I managed to find this great cat-eye pair in Aldo, which are actually quite subtle and more wearable than some other pairs I've seen in other shops! 

Top: Romwe
Skirt: Dahlia
Shoes: Schuh
Rings: larger rings from a Spanish market - midi rings from Topshop/Urban Outfitters
Bag: Topshop
Sunglasses: Aldo
Choker: Regal Rose

Keep an eye out for more blog posts coming soon! 

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My REGALROSE necklace arrived yesterday! I am in lurve!

I first saw this necklace whilst watching Made in Chelsea a few weeks back. For those of you who don't watch it, one of the main members of the cast, Lucy Watson, was wearing it in a recent episode, and I was immediately drawn to it! It's definitely my kind of thing - slightly grungy but also really pretty and individual. I quickly realised that this brand was gaining quite a bit of traction in the blogosphere, and since my birthday's coming up in a couple of days (I seem to be justifying all my purchases with that line recently - oops!) I had to get it! 

It came in this cute little canvas bag :) 

This particular necklace is called the Apogee. Gunmetal and Crystal Chain Choker, and I decided to get it in matte silver, as I figured that it would be the most compatible with my wardrobe, and it's quite understated, which is exactly what I was after! 

They have a huge range of amazing jewellery and accessories, and some of their rings are to dieeee for! I really want to get my hands on some of those soon! Check out their stuff below:

I had to pop out for a sec, so I teamed my choker up with a simple outfit - all black, what's new! I tried to break it up a bit with my oversized flannel shirt, and I also just realised that my t-shirt actually looks like a deep purple colour in the light. Hmmm..

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Wrap Dress from the Zara Sale

So the other day, I randomly checked my PayPal balance (expecting to see a big fat 0) and to my pleasant surprise, I had a lovely £12.00 just sitting there, waiting to be used. I picked up this gorge dusty pink wrap dress from the Zara sale, which actually has some amazing items right now that I did not expect to see there! I bagged it for only £9.99 - not only a great bargain, but it's also my birthday in a few days, so I justified it as a well deserved pressie from me to me :)

It is so so comfortable and soft, and I really love the nudey pink colour, especially the fact that it's kinda speckled, which gives it a lovely effect. I don't think I've ever owned a wrap dress either - but they're gorgeous, and super flattering to absolutely any body shape, especially if you're larger on the hip and bum area like I am. The low neckline and wrap detail on the bust enhances this area nicely, and I just find them generally so elegant and easy to dress down or up! Perfect :)

On another note, my hair is ridiculously long and verging on out-of-control-level, so I've been trying new hairstyles to keep it neat and tame. I've never been particularly great at doing my hair :( but an Asos tutorial popped up on my YouTube dashboard, and I tried it out - this being the result! Not badddd I guess; and I think it goes really nicely with the dress.

 (Stole this photo off another post I did recently, because I forgot to take a photo of them this time round, but these are the sandals I wore with my outfit) 

I tried to pair the dress with both a chunky black button-less knit cardigan, and a lighter nude cardigan. I'm not really sure which one I prefer! I guess they both work well, depending on the accessories you choose to wear! 

 Check out the Zara sale HERE. They have some great pieces up for grabs! 

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