You gotta love H&M: I picked up this cute dress for just £12! Before this piece, I had never really jumped on the gingham bandwagon, but with my beautiful new heels forever on my mind, I thought the two would look so cute styled together to create a girly/grunge outfit. That's the best thing about a statement item like badass boots or a leather jacket: you can wear them in so many different ways, anything from making them look super grunge and rock-chic to styling them with pretty dresses for a more girly vibe.

Considering how high these heels are, they're actually extremely comfortable and easy to walk in, which tends to be the case when they have a chunky platform! I thought they looked cool with these fishnet socks, which I pretty much wear with all my boots these days! 

Dress // H&M
Cardigan // SheInside
Socks // eBay
Boots // La Moda UK
Hat // H&M


Let me know how you would style these boots! :)

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I finally got my hands on the gorgeous Zhiloh Black Lace Up Cleated Sole Boots from La Moda UK! When I first saw them pop up on the website, I fell in love straight away, and I knew these babies had to be mine. My lack of funds, however, informed me otherwise, but then, when La Moda UK had a 20% off weekend, I couldn't pass up the opportunity - or the bargain!

I thought I'd upload some photos of my unboxing experience, different angles as well as close-ups, for the benefit of those of you who may want a closer look at these beauties! 

They are so tall and beautiful, and to my boyfriend's dismay, I'll probably be taller than pretty much every human on the planet wearing these!

La Moda UK has an incredibly gorgeous range of shoes right now! I'm so so happy with these, but I think there's definitely some space in my wardrobe for more! 

Watch this space for a new blog post coming soon, where I'll style these babies up in a few different ways!

Check out LA MODA UK for some awesome pieces!

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I absolutely adore porcelain patterned items, and when I saw this gorgeous top on Choies, I was doubly sold by its kimono style! I'm in love with the kimono trend, but I feel like they've been worn to death over the past couple of seasons, and this offered something slightly different. I thought it was a perfect daytime piece, ready to be dressed up or down for any occasion. 

I paired it with my white skinny jeans and maroon oxford brogues, completing the entire look with my fringed bag from H&M: a nice simple outfit appropriate for the early Autumn days that don't yet require chunky knits or jackets.

Top // Click HERE
Jeans // H&M
Shoes // Depop
Bag // H&M
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Here's a simple outfit I wore on the weekend; comfortable and simple for a long day of mooching around Camden! I love that it's getting chilly enough to wear chunky knits and jumpers! I've never really worn these mom jeans with anything other than crop tops or simple t-shirts, but I think they look so cute paired with this slightly cropped jumper. Silly me, I forgot my belt, which would have cinched my waist in, and completed the entire look just that bit better, but oh well! 

I definitely think that less is more sometimes, and comfort is definitely key when you're walking around the streets of London for a whole day! 

Jumper // Urban Outfitters
Jeans // Motel Vintage
Boots // Dr. Martens
Bag // Gifted 


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Ever since cigarette & tapered trousers catapulted into the limelight last season, I fell in love with them and the opportunities they present to style some awesome looks. I always meant to get myself a pair but I never really got round to it, as I'm super picky when it comes to trousers that aren't jeans. Recently, I came across this gorgeous blue chequered pair on Choies, and I just couldn't resist! 

For some reason, based on the images on the website, I was under the impression that they were more cotton-like and stretchy, as opposed to this tight Polyester; but that's my fault really, for not reading the garment details properly. I got these in a size Medium, and I must say, I should have probably sized up, as they're a tad too tight, extremely teeny on the waist, and there's not much room for movement. But it's definitely worth suffering slightly, because I frikkin' love them! 

I paired them with a dainty black scallop vest, long grey/blue jumper, cut-out leather boots, and wide-brim hat! I really love how they can be styled in completely different ways to create various moods and looks! I'm so excited to style them again soon! 

Top // Topshop
Cardigan // SheInside
Belt // Topshop
Trousers // Choies (click here)
Necklace // RegalRose 
Bag // Peacocks
Boots // Topshop
Hat // H&M


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