Jumper: Primark (mens) | Jeans: Levis via Motel Vintage | Hat: H&M | Coat: Primark | Shoes: Adidas 

Honestly, 50% of the time, I have no energy to really put much thought into my outfits, so this is pretty much my go to look these days. I dunno if anyone agrees with me, but I'm not one of those people who believes in "suffering for fashion". I hate being cold; it really ruins my day. So these days, when I roll out of bed and just can't be bothered, I make a beeline for my grey woolly hat, any old knit, my Primark coat, some jeans, and my Adidas superstars, which have been so worn in over the years, they're pretty much the comfiest things I own. I  do have new pairs of shoes and clothes, which I probably should be making use of, especially with the incentive of creating new content for my blog. But sometimes a gal just wants to stick to what she knows best, you feel me?

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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