Long time no post! Here's an outfit I wore the other day when I went for dinner with some of my good friends from back home, who have just moved to London for jobs and masters. Both the wrap dress AND the longline coat were purchased in the Zara sale: that thing is honestly a saviour, without a doubt one of the best stores when it comes to mid-season sales. I absolutely love the print on this coat, and thought it was an interesting take on the grid print that's all the rage at the moment. I paired it with my dusty purple dress, which I think makes for a gorgeous combination of colours; keeping it simple and understated, while not too monochrome.

I got the coat in a size 10, so that there would be more room for chunkier layers underneath. I'm not really sure if it could be classified as a coat: it's quite lightweight and thin, and doesn't have a zip or buttons, which isn't really ideal for the cold or the rain. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like I've totally missed the transition period between summer and winter. I think I'm probably one of those people who cling on desperately to summer, and dress extremely inappropriately on the cooler autumn days. Now it feels like it's full on winter, and I need to wear a chunky coat and scarf at all times, or else I freeze my ass off.

In any case, the weather was decent when I wore this outfit, but I'm afraid that my coat has had a very short-lived existence, and will have to wait to hit the streets again until next year; unless the sun decides to grace us with its presence in the next few coming weeks. Fingers crossed! 

Dress & Coat: Zara | Boots: Topshop | Choker: RegalRose 


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