Bomber jacket: Dahlia | Jeans: Levis via Motel Rocks | Belt: Topshop | Shoes: Reebok via Size? 

I'd been eyeing up these pastel pink Reebok trainers for a good while (insert heart eyes emoji) but at £72, I wasn't quite sure if I could part with my dwindling funds to buy them. I am sooo happy I did though, because, not only do I own nothing like them (mainly due to the colour and style) but they are also literally the comfiest things ever - it's honestly like walking on clouds. Ironically, I used to detest this style of Reebok back in the day, when my mum used to own a pair when they were big in the 90s. I guess I've come full circle now, because I absolutely love them - and I honestly wish I could have the pastel blue pair too! 

I've featured this Dahlia silk bomber on my blog before, but I thought I would style it a little differently this time, and pair it with a slightly more masculine vibe (even though the trainers are pink), and topped it all off with my trusty mom jeans! Such a comfy outfit, and I'm so pleased that I'm exploring colours outside of my usual monochrome palette! 

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