Sweatshirt: Adidas | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Puma via Offspring (Selfridges) 

Here's another cheeky purchase I made in Madrid upon my return to London from my holiday last month. I casually strolled into the Adidas store looking for some all white Stan Smiths (no colour anywhere, not even the back). So after months of searching, I realised that I'd actually been wasting my time, because there are no such things as all white Stan Smiths unless we're talking about the perforated/mesh/skater-look version. I know I'm picky, right? But anyway, not all was lost, because I swiftly moved along to the clothing section, spotted this beauty, and quickly forgot about my trainers. The colours, as described on the Adidas website, are St Fade Ocean & Ash Purple - don't you just love that? Anyway, whatever colours they may be, all I know is that they're probably my two absolute favourites ever! It really is like Adidas made a jumper for me, so when I saw it, I was like, "that shall be mine, thanks". Here, I teamed it up with my ever trusty ripped skinnies and my new RiRi creepers for the ultimate comfort-fest!

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