Jumper: Weekday | Jeans: Topshop | Coat: M&S | Trainers: Nike via Offspring 

Am I the only one who receives those relentless what-feels-like-daily e-mails from brands about their current offers or new in products? 99% of the time, my bank account dictates that I delete those e-mails without so much as a peep, but every so often, I can't resist a cheeky look.

This happened nearly a year ago with one of Footlocker's emails, advertising Nike's new range of Air Premiums from their "Subdued Island" collection; inspired by island landscapes, which apparently meant the coolest shades ever! As soon as I saw the 'Light Redwood' ones, they were mine! (emotionally) 

At a painful £105, I couldn't justify the purchase, but I waited out loyally, and found them again several months later, reduced to just £45. By the way, they're now at £35, people! Anyway, I was really excited about these because I was anticipating some cool new outfits. They're the perfect pop of colour - not too bright, though - while also adding a chilled/street/androgynous vibe to any look. Oh and they're also SO comfy. I'm really starting to appreciate comfort in my old age...

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