So with the money I've been making off selling some of my clothes on eBay (not very much), I decided to visit one of my fave websites SheInside to indulge slightly in one of my favourite activities! 

Now, I have to rave slightly about this site: not only is it amazing for its incredible diversity of clothing and accessories, but the prices are the best you'll find pretty much anywhere, and will easily compete with the likes of Primark! 
I'm not really a fan of dupes, and it's true that SheInside is riddled with them, but there's nothing better than satisifying my shopping craving when I'm broke with an exciting new piece, and spending hardly any money at all. 

Looking through my wardrobe, I've realised that it mainly consists of colours like black, grey or dark combinations, so I thought I'd liven it up a bit, in light of the recent weather we've been having! 

So I got myself this funky and colourful geometric print t-shirt for a measley £5.93 (and FREE shipping peeps!) Check it out HERE

I also finally wore my customised shoes out; an assignment for one of my recent modules in my course! Gotta love a good embellished pair of trainers! As you can probably tell by the painted eyes, these were inspired by one of my favourite labels, Kenzo, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out! 

Visit SheInside HERE for some great bargains! 

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