Interning @ MOTEL ROCKS

Last week, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to intern at MOTEL ROCKS for a couple of days at their big sample sale, which was a huge success. It was such a fun time & such a lovely atmosphere, where I learned a great deal. To be honest, I was just happy to gain a little experience before trying to venture out into the fashion world as soon as my course is over! 

As well as receiving this lovely goody bag from the Motel girls, I was able to use to the store credit I gained over the 15 hours of work I did, and take some clothes from the sale! 


Apologies for the crappy photos - I was just too excited to show my mum so only took some quick pics, but here's a peek into what I got! 

I've only ever owned one other sleeveless denim gilet in my life, and I don't think I wore it once! I just wasn't a huge fan, and didn't really have anything I could wear it with, but after spotting this baby at the sale, I knew I had to have it! 

I own way too much black & after making a conscious decision that I need more white in my life, I came to a happy medium with this adorable playsuit - and it's halter neck!

 I really became obsessed with the colours and print on the top half of this t-shirt & I just couldn't shake it! So when I saw a customer walk around with this baby in hand for a good 20 minutes, my heart sank slightly. But this t-shirt and I are clearly meant to be together, because she put it back on the rail! Well that's the way I validate it anyway hah! I think I'll probably cut the bottom bit off and make it into a cute crop top!

The sale was teeming with these adorable skirts - which, in fact, many girls were buying as boob tubes! They look good as either, but when I saw this piece, I immediately saw it as a cute summery skirt, which I was very much in need of !

I'm realising more and more that I actually love the colour purple, but I don't really own much of it. This item is actually a dress, but when I laid eyes on it, I saw it as a crop top, so I think I'll probably cut off the skirt and see what it looks like! 

And finally... these amazing Levi's mom jeans from the pop-up vintage section! I've been yearning for a pair for so long, because I absolutely love how they look on  other people. I just wasn't sure if they'd suit me, but not only do they fit perfectly, but I love em! And they're so so comfy!  Definitely gonna be my staple item from now on! 

On another note, I've just discovered the wonders of DEPOP - an app that's sort of a cross between eBay and Instragram! It's so so easy to use - and no listing fees or any of those headaches! I found these amazing Oxford Brogues on there for a fiver! Oh my days! I can't wait till they arrive!
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So anyway, that's it for my time interning at Motel! Such a great experience, and hope I can help out at the next one! 

I'll be doing a post featuring those gorgeous mom jeans later on in the day, so watch this space

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