My REGALROSE necklace arrived yesterday! I am in lurve!

I first saw this necklace whilst watching Made in Chelsea a few weeks back. For those of you who don't watch it, one of the main members of the cast, Lucy Watson, was wearing it in a recent episode, and I was immediately drawn to it! It's definitely my kind of thing - slightly grungy but also really pretty and individual. I quickly realised that this brand was gaining quite a bit of traction in the blogosphere, and since my birthday's coming up in a couple of days (I seem to be justifying all my purchases with that line recently - oops!) I had to get it! 

It came in this cute little canvas bag :) 

This particular necklace is called the Apogee. Gunmetal and Crystal Chain Choker, and I decided to get it in matte silver, as I figured that it would be the most compatible with my wardrobe, and it's quite understated, which is exactly what I was after! 

They have a huge range of amazing jewellery and accessories, and some of their rings are to dieeee for! I really want to get my hands on some of those soon! Check out their stuff below:

I had to pop out for a sec, so I teamed my choker up with a simple outfit - all black, what's new! I tried to break it up a bit with my oversized flannel shirt, and I also just realised that my t-shirt actually looks like a deep purple colour in the light. Hmmm..

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Wow, love your necklace! ^-^
    Your outfit is so grunge! Nice post!


  2. ooh i love this necklace- it's so cool, really different! :)

    1. Thanks a lot! :D Yeah Regalrose is so great - they have loads of individual pieces! :) xx

  3. I adore this necklace, so different!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award to find out more about you and your blog, heres the link- http://thedesigndisciple.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/liebster-award.html

    Em x
    The Design Disciple