Wrap Dress from the Zara Sale

So the other day, I randomly checked my PayPal balance (expecting to see a big fat 0) and to my pleasant surprise, I had a lovely £12.00 just sitting there, waiting to be used. I picked up this gorge dusty pink wrap dress from the Zara sale, which actually has some amazing items right now that I did not expect to see there! I bagged it for only £9.99 - not only a great bargain, but it's also my birthday in a few days, so I justified it as a well deserved pressie from me to me :)

It is so so comfortable and soft, and I really love the nudey pink colour, especially the fact that it's kinda speckled, which gives it a lovely effect. I don't think I've ever owned a wrap dress either - but they're gorgeous, and super flattering to absolutely any body shape, especially if you're larger on the hip and bum area like I am. The low neckline and wrap detail on the bust enhances this area nicely, and I just find them generally so elegant and easy to dress down or up! Perfect :)

On another note, my hair is ridiculously long and verging on out-of-control-level, so I've been trying new hairstyles to keep it neat and tame. I've never been particularly great at doing my hair :( but an Asos tutorial popped up on my YouTube dashboard, and I tried it out - this being the result! Not badddd I guess; and I think it goes really nicely with the dress.

 (Stole this photo off another post I did recently, because I forgot to take a photo of them this time round, but these are the sandals I wore with my outfit) 

I tried to pair the dress with both a chunky black button-less knit cardigan, and a lighter nude cardigan. I'm not really sure which one I prefer! I guess they both work well, depending on the accessories you choose to wear! 

 Check out the Zara sale HERE. They have some great pieces up for grabs! 

Thanks for reading! 

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