ASOS Wishlist

ASOS Wishlist

Here are a few things that have been sitting in my ASOS 'Saved Items' for yonks! I have no funds right now, but I'm kinda hoping that leaving them in there will make them drop in price, which will also make the prospect of my size remaining available an unlikely event! There's nothing wrong with wishful thinking, though, right?

The grey cocoon coat is so dreamyyyyy! It fits so nicely (on the model, at least) and it looks like it would be a super versatile item that I could wear with pretty much anything! I think that's probably at the very top of my wishlist! 

After purchasing my Levi's mom jeans that I've featured in a couple of posts, I really want them in all colours and styles now! These black ones look really comfortable but also quite feminine! 

The blazer - another versatile item - is super gorge and chic - quite a departure from my usual style, which is kinda why I want it.

As for the shoes, I really have no excuse for those, especially since I JUST got a pair of strappy lace-up heels for my birthday! But what can I say? I'm a shoe-holic! 

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