Hey guys! Just a quick outfit post; mainly to complain about the weather we've been having in London recently! It's now almost always overcast, rainy, and quite chilly - basically, it's unacceptable weather for August :( The only upside is that I really enjoy dressing for slightly cooler Autumn weather - it allows so many opportunities for layering & cool blazers or chunky knits! This kimono is perfect for this kind of weather, and looks awesome thrown over a simple, monochrome outfit! 

I'm also becoming more accustomed to wearing my white skinnies! They go with pretty much everything, but yet make for a more interesting look than the standard black skinny jeans I used to live in! Next, I'd like to get myself a slightly more dishevelled and ripped up pair! 

I got myself this new fringed leather bag while perusing the streets of London the other day with my friend. To be fair, it was less a matter of indulgence and more that I was actually in need of a cute bag in a colour other than black! I thought this was one was perfect to pair with loads of different outfits, as well as it being a great size, and also, I really can't pass up a bit of fringe! 

Top / Topshop
Kimono / River Island
Jeans / H&M
Sandals / Zara
Bag H&M

Clearly, Autumn is on its way! But I'm kinda excited about it! :D 

What's your favourite season to dress up for? 

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