I got my hands on one of my long-lusting body chains some time ago, and I had never really found an opportunity to incorporate it into an outfit until now! I think it looks so cute and subtle worn underneath a crop top or bralet, paired with these high-waisted shorts, and the kimono only adds to the general understated vibe of the look.

This bralet is faux leather and, again, another incredible bargain from SheInside! It fits really well and it's actually incredibly comfortable and supportive!

This has to be one of my favourite nail polishes ever! It's by O.P.I. and is called 'PEACE & LOVE & OPI'. It's sort of like a gel consistency, so it's incredibly easy to apply, and also gives off a multi-toned effect - sometimes it's purple and sometimes it's green, which I love! 

Bralet / SheInside 
Shorts / Topshop
Kimono / River Island 
Sandals / Zara
Body chain / eBay 
Bag / Peacocks
Nails / O.P.I. 

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