After publishing my previous blog post (here), I really couldn't get these studded monk shoes out of my head, and finally caved. Considering that they were on sale, reduced from £35 to just £19, it was an offer I couldn't really pass up, especially since I've been after a simple pair of black brogues/loafers for ages. I needed some shoes that went with pretty much anything, especially my white jeans and mom jeans, which I usually find quite hard pairing with any of the shoes I already own. These babies are super comfortable but are also versatile and quite unique due to the studs and monk strap; a detail that I've been seeing all over the place recently.

I also picked up this grey jumper from H&M; like I don't have enough grey in my wardrobe - doh! In all seriousness, though, many of the grey jumpers I do own, I find quite restricting, either in size or fit, but this one is just perfect! It's slightly over-sized, but still feminine, extremely soft and also stretchy, which allows for more movement. 

I teamed the jeans and shoes with a simple V-neck tee from Primark (the boys' section of course) and added a hint of girliness (but not too much) with the Chanel dupe bag. It was given to me by my boyfriend's mum after a spring clean of her wardrobe. She told me it was a fake, so I'll take her word for it, but it honestly looks and feels as real as can be - such great quality, and such an awesome touch to a simple outfit! 

 Tee - Primark // Jumper - H&M // Jeans - H&M // Shoes - ASOS // Coat - Topshop

I'm also loving the cute bracelets in Urban Outfitters recently! 

Next, I'm going to try and experiment with my monk shoes for a slightly more edgy and out-there look! Watch this space!

Thanks for reading!

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