ASSIGNMENT - outfits that flatter a pear & athletic shape (part I)

The module I just completed focused on body shapes and which clothes/items are most suitable for different women (and men) in order to enhance our best bits, and then also disguise the areas we may not like as much. For one of my assignments, I had to style 2 different outfits on myself that highlighted my body in all the right places.

Here's the first one!

 Unfortunately, I'm not too well endowed in the upper half of my body, but I DO have some hips on me, and have had from a very young age. These disproportionate attributes would typically make me a pear shape, but I also had to take other factors into consideration, as I'm also quite tall and slender. I had to place myself in between two categories; that of a pear shaped woman as well as an athletic/slim one. 

Belts do wonders for most body shapes. I used one here to cinch in my outfit and highlight my waist to define it as much as possible. 
An A-line skirt is essential for a body shape like mine; it skims over the hips gently, concealing them and balancing both halves of my body.

 We all know that dark colours are slimming. So if you're hippy as opposed to busty, you'll want to focus your darker colours on your lower half, and lighter colours up top. Detailed tops like this one, which has lace all along the front, will create the illusion of a bigger bust, and bold statement jewellery like a chunky necklace will draw the eye upwards, instead of towards the hips.

 Heels are great for all body shapes; they lengthen the leg and add inches to the body, as well as balancing out the leg and proportions. 

 On another note, my hair is getting way too long and samey and boring, and I'm so tempted to just chop it all off, and try and work a little summer bob, but I'm scared that I'm gonna majorly regret it! I need coaxing!

 I've been trying to keep my makeup as natural as possible lately. Last week, I was at home for 4 days doing my course work, and didn't put makeup on onceee, which made my skin feel really good and free. I use much less foundation than I used to, which I feel really works for me, while still covering up my blemishes for a more even skin tone. Plus, I've found that, although I love my MAC foundation, it literally melts off my face on hotter days.

So that was my first 'flattering outfit' - I hope I hit all the crucial points.

Watch this space for the second one!

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