New MAC Foundation

For a few months now, I've had a lingering and nagging doubt about my foundation. Before last week, I was using MAC's Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in the NC25 shade. I absolutely love it, and leaves my skin, which is actually quite blemished due to acne scarring, flawless and dewy. 

But as I've become paler over these past Winter months, I've felt that this particular range of tones are a bit too yellowy for my complexion, and after letting it slide for far too long, I decided to go to a MAC store and find out which range best suits my Mediterranean skin tone.

The lady was super super helpful and told me that there are three ranges within the Studio Fix Fluid type - the NC's which as I mentioned above, have a yellowy base, the NW's which are slightly more pinky, and then the C's, which are just right for all you ladies with a skin tone like mine.

So after testing a couple of shades, I ended up coming home with the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 C3.5, which is definitelyyyyy the right choice for me! Not only does it perfectly cover up all my blemishes and red areas, (which there are lots of, believe me!) merging with my natural skin tone, but it also goes so well with my concealer - the Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer NC20

It's silly and trival, but having bad skin at my age, can sometimes make feel quite insecure, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Gradually, over the last few years, I've become more comfortable in my skin, and I'm no longer afraid of braving the streets without any make-up; something I would not be caught dead doing a few years ago, just because I wanted to cover up these imperfections. Nobody's perfect, and we all have our insecurities, but it's amazing how simple touches like this great foundation can make anyone's confidence sky-rocket.

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