I went back home to Gibraltar for the Easter weekend, and amidst the massive pile of shoes in my closet, I rediscovered these Original Converse high top sneakers that I used to be obsessed with! I was so so excited to bring them back to London and revitalise them; almost like giving them a new life!

That's one of the best things about keeping all my old clothes and shoes, even when I'm convinced that I'm totally over them. Some might call it hoarding, but there's nothing better than spotting something you used to wear years ago, and seeing it in an entirely new light. I think I'd wear these so differently now to how I used to a few years back! 

Regarding the outfit, I know how I keep banging on about my lack of funds (still very much lacking) but I'm so so in love with the white trend that's been lingering around for a while now; it's so clean and fresh for the Spring and Summer months. I also love sheer pieces, but I realised that I barely owned anything neither white NOR sheer. 

So I decided to hit Primark in the hope of finding a few bargains! And BAM; I managed to kill two birds with one stone with this cute t-shirt. I accidentally bought it 4 sizes too big, but after parading around my living room with it on for a while, I realised that my mistake may have in fact been a serendipity, as many things are, because I think I like it much more in that oversized look as opposed to fitted and tight!

I don't know about you guys, but when I discover something new, and I like it, you won't see me wearing anything else! Watch out for my next blogpost, where I'll team this sheer top with a slightly more chic look!

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