Taking the plunge

I don't pretend to be an expert in fashion, but my enduring love for it has finally pushed me to take the plunge in starting my own blog, and attempting to immerse myself fully in this world in the hope of learning as much as I possibly can. The only thing that has deterred me from having done so earlier, is nothing more than a real lack of confidence and self-belief.

I've had a tumblr page for around 3 years, as well as a polyvore account, but I've never ever had the courage to promote myself on social networking sites, let alone show them off to even a single soul. If I'm being totally honest, I know that there's been a dichotomy in myself from the outset; both a desperate hope that no one would ever discover them, and simulataneously, perhaps, a lingering optimism that someone would. 

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As cheesy as it sounds, I'm certain that 2014 has brought me a newfound confidence and determination that has propelled me forwards in striving towards my goals. The first major step I took this year was moving to a whole new country to start a new life. I am now living in one of the best cities in the world: LONDON. Ultimately, I would love to be involved in the fashion industry on a professional level, and my blog is the first real and teeny tiny step I've made in that direction, other than a manfiestation of genuine interest in my hobby. With that being said, this blog is motivated, not only by my love for fashion, but also by my enamourment with writing, after having studied english literature at university, as well as my inclination towards films, music and books. 

We'll see how it all goes!

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