Leopard Print

I must say I was never too proficient at eBay, and almost never won any worthwhile bids or sold anything! But recently, luck has been on my side, and I was able to pick up this cute leopard print dress (originally from Miss Selfridge) for a measley £3.00! Such a bargain! :D

I absolutely love the fit on the bust; it's soooo comfortable and, together, the high crew neck and sleeveless aspects are really flattering and make the shoulders look great. 

I teamed it up with my trusty black cut-out boots and beigy cardigan, as well as my pink socks! I absolutely love my boots, and considering that I'm soooo picky when it comes to any boot of any kind, I've worn them pretty much every day of my life since I bought them. But now that the warmer weather is really starting to kick in, I feel like it's time to move on and get myself some sandals. 

Also, I picked up this cute watch at Greenwich market. The stall had such beautiful hand-made watches, and compared to my bulky and slightly blingy one that I already own, I kinda felt like a more dainty one would come in great use.

The back is like a really lovely and nifty clip on bracelet sort of thing - adjustable sizes and all that!
(I probably should have taken a photo but oh well)

| Dress: Miss Selfridge (ebay) | Boots & Socks: Topshop | Bag: Peacocks | Cardigan: Thrift store |

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