| A New Combination |

Sooo... this look is definitely different and more girly than what I tend to go for. But this weekend, I thought I'd ditch my usually slouchy and monochrome getup, and dress up a little for a dinner date with my boyfriend. 

I must say that I wasn't too sure about these jeans when I first bought them. I really really wanted some white ones so that I could gradually stray away from my insistent black/grey choices, but being white, they just didn't have the same slimming effect as all my other pairs, and as I'm fairly well endowed in the hip and bottom area, I wasn't sure as to how they would look. But I decided to give them a go, and teamed them up with this gorgeous beaded crop and my coral-y blazer, as well as my cute beaded sandals, which I usually have a hard time pairing outfits with.

I was also so happy to wear my beaded Topshop crop, which, having been quite expensive, is an item that I probably haven't made as much use of as I should have. A recurring problem regarding this top is that I've never really had much to wear it with, and usually only wear it with skirts, which would always then make the blazer situation more difficult, so I was glad to be able to put all these lovely items to good use in one outfit. 

| Crop & Blazer: Topshop | Jeans: H&M | Bag: Peacocks | Sandals: Zara |