I finally got some sandals!

YAAAAY! I hunted and I found! 

I finally got myself a pair of sandals! The days of only ever wearing boots are over :D I got these babies from Schuh, and after seeing many similar to these in loads of different shops, I finally came to a decision, and loved the way these fit.

(Apologies in advance for my manky toe-nail polish - or lack there of it)

Also, check out this funky earring I found in the Urban Outfitters' sale; thought it was quite different and quirky and not something that I'd usually think of buying!

I also found this crop/t-shirt in the UO sale - I love the way it sits loosely on the shoulders, plus I really needed more simple-but-pretty tops that I could just thrown on to go with pretty much anything.

| Top: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: Motel Rocks Vintage x Levi's | Sandals: Schuh | 

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