I finally got my hands on the gorgeous Zhiloh Black Lace Up Cleated Sole Boots from La Moda UK! When I first saw them pop up on the website, I fell in love straight away, and I knew these babies had to be mine. My lack of funds, however, informed me otherwise, but then, when La Moda UK had a 20% off weekend, I couldn't pass up the opportunity - or the bargain!

I thought I'd upload some photos of my unboxing experience, different angles as well as close-ups, for the benefit of those of you who may want a closer look at these beauties! 

They are so tall and beautiful, and to my boyfriend's dismay, I'll probably be taller than pretty much every human on the planet wearing these!

La Moda UK has an incredibly gorgeous range of shoes right now! I'm so so happy with these, but I think there's definitely some space in my wardrobe for more! 

Watch this space for a new blog post coming soon, where I'll style these babies up in a few different ways!

Check out LA MODA UK for some awesome pieces!

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