Spitalfields & Shoreditch

This past Friday, I travelled up to north London to reunite with my university housemates and enjoy a much-needed girls' weekend. We hit Spitalfields market for a cheeky browse of hand-made goodies, vintage clothes and old antiques, pausing to take a breath and re-fuel at a lovely Thai restaurant.

I wore one of my favourite pieces from one of my best-loved boutiques in London - Dahlia
 Every single time I used to come to London for a visit, I could never resist heading to Carnaby Street and making a purchase from Dahlia - heading home with items that were sure to be unique from anything else on the highstreet! 

I've had so many compliments regarding this stunning silk bomber jacket! (pictured above) Now that I live in London, I'll be sure to checking out the adorable boutique more often! - hello overdraft...

Blouse: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Belt: Nasty Gal | Bomber Jacket: Dahlia | Heeled boots: Topshop | Bag: Peacocks

That same evening, we dressed up and hit Shoreditch with some of our other old uni friends, ending up in 'Comedy Cafe' where the old-school tunes of anything hip-hop and R&B played all night long! 

I wore a new purchase from H&M - a grey bodycon with black mesh cut-outs, and leather all down the sides along the hips - and only £13.99!

As always, I used my trusty Urban Decay Naked palette for my eyeshadow - I LOVE that thing! 
The colours and tones are amazing, and so easily applicable. You don't really have to do very much to make your eyes pop and look incredible for any occasion!

Dress: H&M | Wedges: Topshop

So that was the first semi-proper outfit blog-post I've done! Hopefully I'll keep them coming, with better and more detailed photos of my daily outfits! 

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